What can a driver do to cut down on distractions?
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What can a driver do to cut down on distractions?

| Jan 7, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Distracted driving could cause more than a minor fender-bender. Even momentarily taking eyes off the road may lead to a head-on collision or another type of crash. Unfortunately, many distracted driving accidents happen in Texas and around the country. Drivers can benefit from taking steps to potentially reduce such accidents from occurring.

Focus on tasks related to safe driving

Keeping hands on the wheel, eyes on the road and concentration directed toward the safe operation of the vehicle could cut down on possible distractions. Talking on the phone or texting might be the most dangerously distracting things a driver could do. Many accidents on U.S. roads occur when a driver occupies both hands and attention with a mobile device.

Any non-driving-related activity could lead to a regrettable distraction. Even eating breakfast during a morning commute might come with risks. Grooming oneself in the rear-view mirror or playing around with the car’s touchscreen may prove ill-advised. Remember that even a brief, momentary distraction could lead to an accident. Avoiding unessential activities on the road may decrease distractions and improve safety.

Preparation may curtail some distractions

Driving while fatigued may lead to an accident, which is why drowsy driving is unsafe. Getting the proper amount of rest before driving will lead to a safer driving experience. In addition, driving under the influences of substances that cause drowsiness increases the danger behind the wheel.

Is the car ready for the road? A vehicle with mechanical or other maintenance issues may lead to distractions. Things like sputtering and electrical issues could draw a driver’s attention at the worst time. Routine maintenance may uncover and address issues to prevent a future accident.

Distracting driving comes in many forms and may involve negligence. People injured in distracted driving-related motor vehicle accidents may want to explore their legal options with the help of a personal injury lawyer.