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The unfortunate truth is that getting hurt is part of life, but not all situations resulting in injuries are the same. Sometimes, a serious accident may never have happened if someone else had not made irresponsible choices. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident or another type of accident in Austin, TX, you might have the opportunity to seek compensation. When you call for help from a lawyer like Austin personal injury attorney Paul Batrice, insurance companies and whoever else may share liability for your injuries will be subjected to the most impactful legal actions available to set things straight.


We Are Committed To Winning Compensation For Our Injury Clients

At Batrice Law Firm, we are meticulous in our methods to help get results for you. Our lead attorney, Paul Batrice, can help you navigate insurance claims, personal injury lawsuits, and settlement offers. With extensive legal experience, he is committed to serving clients with integrity and compassion. Contact our team today for your free call with an Austin, Texas attorney who specializes in cases just like yours and who will go to bat for you when you need it most.

What are common reasons for pursuing a personal injury lawsuit?

The personal injury lawyers at Batrice Law Firm provide thorough guidance and excellent injury representation for a variety of personal injury cases in Austin, Texas, such as:


Car accident personal injury cases

We are an Austin, Texas personal injury law firm that handles a wide variety of car accident cases, including drunk driving car accidents, not-at-fault car accidents, and insurance claims. When you need a personal injury lawyer that gets results, contact the Austin personal injury attorneys at Batrice Law. Don’t hesitate, call today for your free case consultation about your car accident injuries. You can also get help by sending your name, email, phone, and general case information via our contact us form. Once you submit your info, one of our attorneys will reach out to you promptly to get the ball rolling.


Truck accident injury case

Personal injury lawyer Paul Batrice leads a team of experienced personal injury attorneys that help you get fair compensation for lost wages, injuries, and medical bills resulting from collisions with commercial vehicles and large trucks. Your injury case might involve catastrophic injuries or the loss of a loved one, and we are here to provide you with expert legal advice and legal representation to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation from a personal injury attorney that will relentlessly fight for your fair reimbursement for pain, suffering, and loss of property and/or income.


Motorcycle accident injury cases

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common types of vehicle accidents in Austin, Texas that frequently lead to injury victims who suffer from pain, loss of motor skills, outrageous medical bills from hospital stays, lost wages, and other costly accident-related expenses. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident that was the fault of the other driver, there’s a strong chance you’re entitled to having your medical costs and pain and suffering fairly paid for so you can get on with your life.

Your injury claim starts with a free case analysis by one of our personal injury claim specialists who will consider your entire picture, making sure you get the personal injury claim advice that leads to the greatest possible compensation. Call us today for your free consultation from an Austin, TX personal injury attorney that never stops working for your best interests of you or your loved one.


Ride-share service accident injury cases

Accidents resulting in injuries while using a ride-share service such as Uber or Lyft can be especially challenging, as there are large corporations with extensive resources to fight accident lawsuits due to injuries. The attorneys at Batrice Law won’t back down, aggressively representing your Austin personal injury case for the compensation you’re entitled to. We help our injured clients with the representation needed to get the fairest reimbursement for medical costs and loss of income.

Call us today for your free consultation with an Austin, TX attorney specializing in personal injuries that will fight for your best interests no matter who the at-fault party is. There is no case too large for Batrice Law to go to bat on, and we are here to help you with the legal advice you need to get started on your case for fair reimbursement of your losses.


Boating collision cases

Injured clients of ours get the legal help they need for seeking damages and compensation for all types of accidents. As an Austin area law firm, our team of personal injury attorneys has experience in the practice areas of boat collisions and boating accident victims in Texas. If you’re looking for an injury lawyer in Austin, Texas, that serves accident victims who are struggling to deal with an insurance company law firm, our legal experience is second to none, ensuring your accident case is handled professionally and aggressively.

Perhaps a loved one was injured in an accident involving boats in Austin, and you need a local law office to handle your case. Batrice Law is here to help, leveraging our numerous years of experience dealing with all sorts of accidents that lead to injuries. See why we are a top-rated legal firm today by giving us a call to discuss your case. We have been serving Austin, Texas, for years, with extensive experience providing compassionate help for hurt clients with their accident compensation.

Call our Austin office today for your free consultation with an Austin attorney who will be passionate about your personal injuries case and fight non-stop for your fair treatment.


Wrongful death lawsuits

Not just in Austin but all across Texas, the potential causes of injuries and damages in wrongful death cases are limitless. Austin families may struggle to move forward when injury victims include a parent, child, sibling, or spouse who suffered serious injuries. We recognize how important it is to get justice and compensation for losses, medical costs, and the pain resulting from a death in your legal claim. Our experienced Austin personal injury lawyers know how to get you the results you expect. Call our team today to get started on your free consultation with an Austin attorney who passionately listen to your unique circumstances surrounding your personal injuries case. Then, our team of experts will fight non-stop for your fair reimbursement.


Determining Liability When You’re Injured In An Accident

Our experienced personal injury lawyers have spent years getting to the bottom of liability for Austin, Texas residents who’ve been injured . When you call our top-rated legal firm in Austin, Texas, our team of rising stars won’t stop until your accident injuries are fairly accounted for.

Whether your legal case involves a car, truck accident, or dealing with super lawyers at insurance companies that are being totally unreasonable, we have years of experience in tipping the scales in our clients’ favor.

We are the experts in providing help to injured clients in Austin, Texas, so when accident liability is being questioned by defendants, Batrice Law is the office of personal injury attorneys to call. When you’re sick of games and just want fair compensation for your accident injuries, no one else works harder to cut through the legal red tape and get you justice for your injuries.


Attention to detail for your legal representation

Personal injury claims call for impeccable attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of the law in Texas. We will address the full range of factors pertaining to your legal situation, which may concern liability, evidence, insurance coverage, or medical litigation. As your lawyer, Paul Batrice and his Austin personal injury law firm team will devote their efforts to your full recovery—both physical and financial.


What is a fair settlement for pain and suffering?

One of the primary factors that affect the value of the settlement offer in pain and suffering in cases involving injuries is the severity of the victims’ injuries. Most of the time, the defendants in these cases will have to compensate the injured parties for an agreed-upon settlement amount or an amount determined by the courts after trials where the victims win.


Why are settlements awarded by courts?

Much of the time, accident victims initiate legal action for their personal injuries because they not only suffered pain and physical pain but also suffered property damage, lost work time, and other important things in their lives they will never get back.


What are “damages” in a lawsuit?

The term “damages” when referring to a lawsuit means compensating the victim or victims for suffering in a variety of forms. Types of suffering involved in lawsuits include physical and mental suffering, but also monetary suffering as well. When courts award victims damages, this entails making up for an array of negative outcomes inflicted by the guilty party.

When courts must figure out what to award victims for and how much compensation should be granted, a dollar amount is attributed to each aspect of the victim’s life that was negatively impacted by the actions of the defendant. Sometimes the court may even punish the guilty party further than financial penalties and sentence them with jail time.


What Does Compensatory Damages Mean?

In most cases, damages in personal injury cases are considered compensatory, which means they are supposed to make the injured person complete again through compensating them. The compensation is intended to pay for the harm and suffering caused by an accident or injuries resulting from neglect. This is different from punitive damages, which means punishing someone for wrong-doing with jail time or other types of punishment.

Compensatory damages are often awarded in cases such as:

  • Auto accidents
  • Property owner neglect
  • Medical malpractice cases


Who gets compensated in a wrongful death case?

Also, compensatory damages can be awarded for wrongful death cases. In these situations, the person being compensated through the court is the family or loved ones of the victim, rather than the victim themselves. Expenses can cover the costs of things like funerals, which aren’t normally part of a personal injury lawsuit.


Types of compensation for cases with personal injuries

In the vast majority of legal cases involving personal injuries, the victims of the accidents seek compensation from those who are liable to balance out the losses caused by their negligent or willfully harmful actions. Injured parties can be awarded financially for not only pain and suffering, but also other losses resulting from accidents caused by careless people and companies.


Understanding the details of your circumstances

The personal injury experts at Batrice Law will gladly help you understand how the details of your circumstances will impact the types of scenarios you may be compensated for by the court system. When you call our Austin office today, you’ll be provided a free consultation with a lawyer who will be considerate of the hardships brought on by your personal injuries case and who will fight to get you a fair settlement.


Get The Time And Personal Attention Your Case Deserves

At Batrice Law Firm, our team of experienced Austin personal injury lawyers believes that all of our clients should receive the full attention that their legal case requires. Call 888-901-3096 or email us in Austin for your free consultation about your car accident, truck accident, or insurance company hassles. If our attorneys don’t deliver positive case results for you, your counsel will be free of charge.


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