Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Claims Call For Thorough Legal Methods


Truck accidents can lead to some of the most serious types of crash injuries. Whether a dump truck, a commercial semi truck or another large vehicle is involved, these collisions can leave drivers, passengers and pedestrians with transformative conditions and financial problems.

After a traumatic truck accident, you can rely on Batrice Law Firm to represent your interests. We will assess your case from every angle to pinpoint the best way to proceed. Located in Austin, our firm provides compassionate and detailed support across Texas.


Truck Accidents Are Not The Same As Normal Car Accidents


Unlike cases involving collisions between cars, cases involving collisions between trucks and other vehicles have special considerations, including:

  • Liability: Commercial truck drivers might not be personally liable for the accident. Instead, their employer, the trucking company, might be liable. This distinction could impact which party is responsible for providing compensation for your injuries.
  • Damages: Truck accidents are more likely to cause significant physical and mental injuries. For example, underride accidents and head-on collisions at high speeds are frequently fatal for the other driver and passengers. Other injuries may include severe concussions, amputations, burn injuries and more. Therefore, the value of truck accident claims may be higher, and compensation is likely essential for the injured person and their family.
  • Evidence: Many trucks store vital crash information on a “black box” device within the vehicle. Unfortunately, trucking companies could attempt to destroy the data before an injured person can access it for their claim.

Due to the unique nature of truck accident claims, Batrice Law Firm is committed to spend the full time and resources necessary for each case. Our mission is to get maximum and fair compensation for your injuries.


Dump Truck Accidents


Dump truck accidents can cause serious injuries due to their heavy loads. Some drivers overload their dump trucks or speed in order to make each trip more efficient. Unfortunately, other drivers might pay the price.

The large companies that employ dump truck drivers and their insurers have extensive legal defenses. Our founding attorney, Paul Batrice, works to break through those defenses with comprehensive strategies. We are aware of how regulations and industry standards can impact your case. Trust us to do everything we can to achieve positive results for you.


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